Parent Testimonials

“ABC turned on the light for her, giving her a joy for reading. She loves to rhyme.” – Danielle Sikora

“Before ABC, my son, Bobby, spent 5 years in disability classes. The school told me that he was borderline “retarded”, and would never read. After the ABC program, Bobby was mainstreamed and maintains a “B” average in regular classes.” – Mrs. Lucero

“My son, Heath, went from 7th grade LD classes, reading at a 3rd grade level to mainstream classes, in 8th grade, reading at an 8th grade level. He maintained a “B” average. ABC changed his life. Don’t wait. Call ABC.” – Mr. Leonhardt

“We’d been through other programs and had almost given up until we heard about ABC. Our son, Jason, expressed his appreciation at Thanksgiving when he gave thanks for finally learning how to read. ABC also taught him to believe in himself. His last report card was his best ever.” – Mr. Ornelas

“My son went from a “C” and “D” student to straight “A’s”. He was awarded top student out of three 5th grade classes – simply amazing! I highly recommend ABC.” – Steve Albany

“Before attending ABC, our daughter, Nichole, was losing confidence and had been struggling at school for two years. During the twelve weeks she attended ABC, we saw her improve in leaps and bounds, progressing in compensating for her dyslexia. I wish the public school system would employ the same techniques and high level of teaching standards I have seen at the ABC Phonetic Reading School.” – Patty & Greg Floto

Recommendations from Education Professionals

Dr. Sonny Ashegbeyeri (DoFP)
9/27/08 : 44.5KB [PDF]

Dr. Rita Martinez
10/28/12 : 250KB [PDF]

Jacob Chavez, Ed.D. (DoFP)
10/29/12 : 113KB [PDF]

Principal Roberts Elementary School, Marcos Quijada
6/2/09 : 96KB [PDF]

Supervisor Creighton, Deanne French
6/2/09 : 28KB [PDF]