Important Questions to ask before hiring a tutor for your child

Hello Parents,

Before making a decision about any purchase it helps to know what questions to ask so we can be more informed before making a choice. This is especially true when inquiring about an academic choice that will impact the lives of our children now and in their future. We hope the following questions will help you make an informed decision when choosing a tutor for your child. Note: The bolded text are ABCs answers to those questions. 

What Experience do you have?
ABC has over 27 years of Experience and all our teachers are Credentialed and ABC trained to use our copyrighted programs and materials.

What grade levels do you Tutor?
ABC tutors and remediates as well as provides academic enrichment for K-12 students, including students with special needs.

What testing instrument do you use to determine grade level now? Is your Guarantee based on your post- testing or my child’s schools testing?
ABCs pre-post assessment is the same as schools use, however our Guarantee is based on your child’s school testing.

What program/s do you use?
ABC uses our own copyrighted programs and testing materials, all of which have been approved and determined effective by the State Departments of Education in 5 Southwestern States.

Is your instruction one-on-one or group? If group how many in the group?(Keep in mind in a group of three attending an hour session your child will not get direct instruction or the attention they deserve).How long are your tutoring sessions? How many days of the week will you see my child?
Tutoring Instruction is always one-on-one, for one or one and a half hours depending on age as well as pre-assessment, sessions are two to three days a week.

How much do you charge per hour?
Per hour cost varies, call to see about special pricing. Partial scholarships available to those who qualify. 

Do you offer a Guarantee? If so, what is your Guarantee?
ABCs Guarantee is this “your child’s Reading or Math skills, will be at or above their grade level in typically 24 to 40 hours (determined at initial testing) or we either refund your cost or continue teaching for Free until grade level proficiency is achieved. 

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John Cahal
ABC Phonetic Reading School